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You can reduce the time you spend filling out Web forms and logging onto subscription sites with RoboForm. The version 6 update improved usability significantly and replaced the old, clunky autofill window with a less-obtrusive toolbar. If you don't like the standard toolbar placement, you can run it at the bottom of the browser instead. That's the standard placement for Mozilla-based browsers. The program uses encryption algorithms such as Blowfish and AES to protect your data and includes a password generator. You can set up multiple identities with different credit-card numbers, passwords, and contact information. The trial limits the tab instances on each identity to three, but you can make plenty of identities.
Our favorite feature is Login, which with one click will go to a Web page, fill in a form, and submit your information. The program handles check boxes and radio buttons and supports about 20 languages. The new Search field in the toolbar makes finding and accessing any information quick, and we appreciate support for hot keys. Besides returning matching logins and other RoboForm entries, the search box will offer to search Google, Yahoo, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for your term. RoboForm will save active Web users a lot of time.

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